Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is my deposit?

A: All deposits-to-hold are equal to 1 month's rent. After your lease begins, this amount will become the damage deposit for the apartment.

Q: Are your apartments pet friendly?

A: Yes! All of our properties are pet friendly. The initial pet fee is $200 per apartment and monthly pet rents are $50/mo for pets less than 25 lbs and $75/mo for pets over 25 lbs

Q: Will I have access to laundry?

A: Yes! Although this will vary by building, each apartment has either laundry in-unit, a laundry facility in the building, or a laundry facility next door.

Q: Can I stay in my apartment until after NWMSU's graduation?

A: Yes! We offer lease extensions after May 1st that extend your lease to however many days you need up until the last day of graduation.

Q: How promptly are maintenance issues addressed?

A: All maintenance issues are submitted through our online portal so they won't be lost or forgotten! Scheduling with you and maintenance contractors will begin immediately if submitted during regular business hours. Physical response time can vary depending on the severity of the issue and contractor availability, but typically within 0-2 business days, all issues are formally addressed.


Q: What are the average utility costs in Maryville, MO?

A: This will vary by apartment and number of bedrooms. The best way to find this information would be to call the actual utility providers and request exact information for your address.

Electricity | Evergy - (888) 471-5275

Gas | Empire District - (800) 424-0427

Water | City of Maryville - (660) 562-8012



Q: Do you offer short-term leases?


A: Certain properties can be leased for shorter than 12-month terms, but the total rental amount of a short term lease will be equivalent to the total rental amount of a 12-month lease.


Rent for a 6-month lease = 2X advertised rent/mo

Rent for a 4-month lease = 3X advertised rent/mo

Rent for a 3-month lease = 4X advertised rent/mo

Can I sublease my apartment?

Yes! In many cases, we can even help you advertise your apartment if you need to find a replacement for your name on the lease. You are still responsible for the lease until a replacement has been found, however.

Do you have rentals that start later than May?

Occasionally, yes. This can vary depending on construction and remodel schedules, but all leases will end on April 30th or July 31st. Please reach out if this is something you might be interested in.


Do you have furnished apartments?

We do not have furnished apartments in our portfolio. If this (or anything else we don't offer) is something you're looking for please contact Shirley's Realty at (660) 562-2562

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